Load cell summing box

active summing load cell junction box

Load cell summing box enables the parallel connection of multiple load cells and gives a summated output.The sensitivity difference of load cells can be trimmed seperately by corresponding potentiometer to minimize corner error. 

load cell summing box

Our junction box series include

4-input junction box

6-way summing box

8-way summer box

10-chanel load cell summing box

Custom service is provided to meet all kinds of applications.

load cell junction box

--Screw terminal connectors for easy connection

--Signal trimming seperately for each chanel

--Cable gland for cable diameter 3.5~8mm

--Stainless steel housing for harsh environment

--IP65 ingress protection with rubber sealing

Load cell summing box is widely used for weighing platforms, truck scales, vessel weighing systems, hopper scales, tank weighing, batch weighing and other weighing systems where multiple load cell connection is involved.

vessel weighing system

Load cell is also known as weight sensor or load sensor, which converts applied load or force into linear analog output which is proportional to the applied load, thus load can be detected by measuring the analog output from loadcell.

load cell weight sensor

The load cells on the market are mostly produced based on strain gauge technology, by bonding the strain gauge onto elastic body,when load is applied, the deformation of elastic body will cause variation of resistance of the wheatstone bridge, the output signal from the load cell will change accordingly.

strain gauge load cell

The common output range of load cell sensor is normally 0~40mV. For easy data acquisition, a load cell amplifier can be used to convert mV signal into 0-5V/0-10V/4-20mA which can be easily processed afterwards.

load cell amplifier

Load cell indicator can be used to display the measured value,load cell display FPT is CE certified with following features:

-Aluminum housing,compact size

-24 bit ADC,high accuracy

-24V DC power supply

-High sampling speed up to 960Hz

-1 input and 2 outputs

-RS485 or RS232 communication port

-0-5V,0-10V,0-20mA,4-20mA analog output

load cell indicator